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Deepen your birth experience with intuitive guidance and a reassuring feminine presence.

Research shows that women are best supported in labour by a known, initiated and experienced caregiver. If the caregiver was part of the woman’s immediate social circle, they could easily be drawn into a sympathy loop. A Doula safely holds the space for the couple to come completely undone through the birthing process, and guides them away from any feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm when they feel they cannot go on.

As a Doula, I assist you in labour by using natural pain relief techniques, massage, relaxation, visualisation, aromatherapy, homeopathy, breath tools and other comfort measures. I help your partner feel more trusting of the birth process and more confident in their role as support person. I work alongside the whole family, advocate for you and your birthing rights, and work in collaboration with your medical care providers.

As your Doula in Postpartum, my support continues with traditional Postpartum care. We create a safe container for you to debrief your birth, I provide you with warming & nourishing meals, gentle reassurance that you are on the right path, referral to local providers if additional support is needed, babywearing demonstrations, settling techniques, and breastfeeding support. 


Many of the Pregnant Mums I speak to feel…

 Fearful and anxious about their upcoming birth

 Overwhelmed with all the available options for childbirth education and coping strategies for labour

✕ Worried about the uncertainty and unpredictability of birth

✕ Unprepared on how to manage their labour and birth without pharmaceutical pain relief or other interventions

✕ They can’t completely surrender and trust in their body and the birthing process

✕ Unsure how their partner will manage supporting them through a long labour, and if they can rely on them to make difficult decisions in the moment

✕ Niggling feelings about the potential for a difficult and unsupported birth having a negative effect on them long term

✕ Concerned about how they will cope in newborn phase without a village

Mums who have engaged the support of a doula feel…

✓ Empowered in their birth choices and confident in their human right to achieve a positive, peaceful birth

✓ They know exactly what birth outcome they want, and have all the necessary tools to achieve this

✓ Everything external to them is taken care of and their only responsibility is to focus on breathing and birthing their baby

✓ Feel confident in the event of an emergency that their wishes will be met

✓ Reassurance that they would have continuous presence & unwavering support from their highly skilled birth team

✓ That their partner would feel confident in their role and be an active participant in childbirth

✓ Their human right to birth autonomously is protected with a strong & vocal advocate

✓ They will be nurtured, cared for and loved as a new mother

Packages & Pricing

Sacred Postpartum Support

You will enjoy

One Visit of 3 hours in home support

Many families benefit from weekly or twice weekly in home visits for the first 6 weeks Postpartum



Birth & Postpartum CARE Package

You will enjoy

Two Antenatal Home Visits

Support throughout your labour

Six Weekly Postpartum Home Visits

Option to add on Professional Birth Photography ($400)



Birth Keeper Package

You will enjoy

Two Antenatal Home Visits

Support throughout your labour

One Postpartum Home Visit

Option to add on Professional Birth Photography ($400)



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