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Emma Burke
Birth & Postpartum Doula

Rewrite your birth story and visualise a birth experience you never imagined possible.

Hi! I’m Emma

I birthed my two babies using only my mind as a tool to manage the discomfort and intensity of labour. 

My experience of homebirth became a pivotal turning point in my life journey, and is the reason I shifted my career focus and fell into alignment to Doula women through transitions.

I already know that you can birth your baby easily and naturally using your mind, intuition and innate birthing power as your tools.

Because if I could do it, anyone can.

I use my signature strengths as an intuitive & empath to guide you in reconnecting with your body, and to remind you of your own unique skillset and coping mechanisms that will allow you to bring this baby into the world in a way that is deeply empowering and satisfying.


As your Doula, I help you…

  • Realise that you can manifest the birth of your dreams
  • Discover your preferences for birth & create a Birth Map that aligns with your vision
  • Uncover your unique pain coping mechanisms, and adapt the support I provide to match what you need in the moment
  • Tap into your inner wisdom so you can easily make the decisions that need to be made during pregnancy & the early days Postpartum
  • Heal your past birth experiences and ancestral wounds with a higher level of awareness and conscious birthing

What I can offer you…

  • I guide you through the intensity of labour with natural methods such as warmth, deep pressure & movement
  • I help you realise your own strength, and you face this challenge bravely to birth with confidence 
  • Your partner receives encouragement on how best to support you, and feels confident in their role
  • Capturing you in your sacred feminine element with professional birth photography
  • Reassurance as you step into the role of Newborn Mum
  • Traditional Postpartum Care, with a focus on healing, nurturing & nourishing you as a woman and new mother

It’s never too late to hire a Doula!

Pregnant or planning to expand your family? It is pure magic for me to witness you experience bliss in birth and postpartum.

Find stories, statistics and resources that will have you feeling empowered in your choices on this journey to motherhood.

Emma Burke

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Empowering birth

Past Client Testimonials

“We can’t thank you enough. Your continual support and encouragement made me so grateful you took me on as a client. You never complained about being tired or how much your fingers must hurt from holding my hips for hours on end, or a sore back from continual bending.. you were made for this job. I don’t feel brave, strong or accomplished, but I know I could NOT have done what I did without you.” 

-Shannon, Birth of Kit

“Emma is an amazing, empathic, gentle, kind, genuine doula and soul. She was able to make me feel supported and educated in my choices and ensure I had the birth I wanted within the circumstances I had.

Emma held space for me and listened and supported my fears.

Initially my husband didn’t understand the role of a doula. However, he thoroughly enjoyed chatting to her, and felt very comfortable and supported having her present; and felt safe with her guidance.

Emma is amazing birth support. She will see you, hear you, advocate for you and support you.”

– Purdy, Birth of Remy

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